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'A altas horas' means 'The small hours' in Spanish.

The middle of the night, where foolishness meets creativity.

Aaltas is a passionate project, free, without constraints, with its distinctive sculpted forms and flamboyant colors. It is also an original assembly of noble and high-end technological materials.

The lightness of aluminum is combined with the majesty of 18-carat gold to create timeless and contemporary pieces.

Bold and graphic, the jewels respond to an uncompromising quality, a wise condensation of artisanal and technological knowledge, each jewel has been designed to last and produced in small series.

The first collection, Mambo, strikes for the volumes that are both elementary and exuberant. The play of reflections makes the light dance and the colors vibrate so that refinement ends up flirting with playfulness and whispers a delicious melody in your ear.




Born in Geneva and originally from Spain, the more fantasist side of my Latin roots has lived together, in perfect osmosis, with the Swiss rigor. This duality has strongly contributed to the development of my own artistic vocabulary.

As a professional watch and jewelry designer for the most major brands since 2001, I am fortunate to be surrounded by the best European craftsmen. Their know-how allows me to explore new paths and to constantly improve my pieces.

After having developed several jewelry brands, designed many watches, and run my own jewelry store in Geneva, AALTAS is undoubtedly my most personal, craziest and committed project.

Born in complete freedom, this project is an invitation to explore uncharted territories.





Webdesign: Stéphanie Brusick

Photography: Anouk Schneider

Video: JD Schneider

Model: Nine